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Extermination for Bed Bugs Overview

Protect sleeping family members, guests, and patrons in Las Vegas with comprehensive 3 bed bugs on a mattress in Vegas - 2 larvae and 1 adult female ready for exterminationbed bug control services. Las Vegas sees a significant amount of travel traffic, and bed bug infestations are always a concern for traveling residents and accommodations providers. At Fortified Pest Management, we know the difficulties a bed bug infestation can present. Keep your beds and other furnishings bed bug-free with emergency bed bug remediation and ongoing preventative care from your local bed bug specialists.

Local Bed Bug Extermination To Prevent Future Problems

Some pests are more annoying than harmful. Bed bugs are both. They hitchhike into new places on clothing and in luggage and can travel on their own up to 100 feet per night. The small bugs can live for up to a year without eating. While named for the places we sleep, exterminators often find bed bugs in all kinds of furnishings, including wall hangings, carpets, and sofas.

These biting creatures reproduce quickly, which is why most property owners are more than eager to start the extermination process. If you see signs of bed bugs including the bugs themselves and unexplained itchy bites, call for professional bed bug control in Las Vegas. These little insects aren’t the type of bug you can eliminate with home remedies. Learn more about bed bugs and treatment options.

The Best Source for Bed Bug Control in Las Vegas

At FPM, we know how bed bugs work. We use comprehensive bed bug measures including custom-designed heat treatments to fully eliminate insects from commercial buildings and homes. We are also one of the only pest companies in Vegas to offer multiple other methods for exterminating bed bugs. We follow the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for every case we handle, meaning we look at each case holistically.

Depending on the extent of the problem, the type of insect, and special needs, we use a variety of treatments to completely eliminate unwanted pests. If you need pest control in Las Vegas, we’re standing by to offer emergency and ongoing support. Read our reviews explaining why more locals prefer our environmentally sound approach to pest infestations.

Invest in Bed Bug Control Today

Bed bugs can disrupt a homeowner’s quality of life and affect professional business reputations. When these transient insects come into your space, show them who’s in charge with tried and true pest management services from a local, family-owned company you can trust. We pride ourselves in offering superior services, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and straightforward pricing. Contact us today for bed bug control – Las Vegas Valley area residents can reach us at (702) 879-4007 to get started.