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No one wants to have their home invaded by cockroaches, and will use any means necessary to get rid of them. Before you pull out the pesticides, consider professional services that are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, homeowners are exposed to three different types of cockroaches. To get a better understanding of this problem, we detail below the behavior, physical characteristics, and potential dangers of this problem growing to epic proportions.

The types of cockroaches that you can usually find in America are the:


There are few differences between cockroaches except their Latin names.
The American cockroach is known as Periplaneta Americana.
The German cockroach is Blattella germanica.
The Oriental cockroach is named the Blatta orientalis.

With the exception of the flying oriental cockroach, most cockroaches in America are limited to the ground — even if they have wings. Measuring up to two inches in length, you can expect to find them anywhere that humans live. Because they are carriers of disease, they are considered a crisis when they invade a place where food is present. In general, hotter climates will have larger cockroaches. Regardless of their size, most are red, black or dark brown in color. Their bodies are typically oval shaped, and flat. Most describe the feeling of touching a cockroach as being oily. While some species are known for making hissing or chirping sounds, most do not.

No matter which stage of life they are in, most cockroaches can find each other because of pheromones. Cockroaches are unique in the insect world because they have two appendages on their abdomen that act as sensors. They are extremely sensitive to the air movement, and this gives them an advantage over their predators. Other unique characteristics are that cockroaches can smell and taste at the same time, and their mouth moves from side to side. Unlike many other insects, cockroaches have a fatty white substance inside of their body that is visible when they are crushed.

Typically, cockroaches of all species will enter your home through the sewer, drainpipes, vents and cracks. As long as they have a nesting site, food, water and warmth, they will be active throughout the year. While you can see cockroaches during the day, most will be active during the night. They will also reproduce quickly if their living environment is ideal. Since they are highly adaptive, this means that ideal circumstances for breeding are usually likely. In some cases, an infestation of cockroaches can cause allergies in humans. Unfortunately, most cockroach eggs are naturally resilient to many insecticides.

Female cockroaches are usually larger than the males, and young cockroaches are often confused with adults. When eggs are laid, they are encased in a protective coating called oothecae. The eggs are dark brown and oval-shaped. In some species, the egg sack is carried around and in others, it is dropped. A single female can create up to nine the egg sacs in their life. Within 72 hours, the eggs are ready to detach from the female and up to 15 embryos are in the sac. Within one month, the new cockroaches will emerge. Within a few months, the small cockroaches will become adults. The exception is the oriental cockroach which takes up to two years to fully develop into reproducing adults. The German cockroach is also notorious for having egg sacs that produce up to 50 immature cockroaches.

Why the cockroach issue will continue

As long as you have a suitable environment for cockroaches, they will continue to infest your home. Even if you do a good job of keeping your trash contained and your food covered, they will find other things to eat. This includes cardboard, wood and outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that they need to use chemicals to get rid of the problem. Alternatively, some pest control companies, like ours, have environmentally friendly solutions.

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