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When you own a business, your first priority is to create the best impression possible. Unfortunately, if you have evidence of roaches, rats and other pests, your customers may not complain, but they might not give you their business again. Furthermore, health inspectors are likely to give you a poor review that may lead to a temporary closure of your business. Worse, employees may be exposed to rodent urine or feces that makes them ill. To ensure your Las Vegas business is fully protected, Fortified Pest Management can work with you to keep your restaurants, apartment complexes, retail spaces, warehouses and medical centers healthy and pest-free.

Types of businesses we serve

Throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and the whole Vegas valley area, there are several unique businesses that you will only find in the state of Nevada. It does not matter if your business is a warehouse, grocery store, casino, nightclub, pharmacy, a school, hospital or daycare because we have the right products to suit your needs. This means that we can safely remove pests with products that are appropriate for the clients, children, and customers that interact with the space.

Setting your expectations

As a business owner, it can be difficult to evaluate your pest removal and prevention needs. In order to help you plan your budget or organize your schedule, we take the time to carefully explain what we do and how much it costs. This means that your employees will not receive unbeknownst pest management maintenance visitors and you will not find an unexpected bill in the mail. In other words, we manage your expectations with direct communication so that you feel confident with our pest management business services.

Safe and humane removal of unique pests

Have you ever seen a news headline about a boa constrictor lodged in the heating system of a warehouse or mall? Do you sometimes feel like the public sees pests as pets? Unlike homeowners, businesses often have unique pests that present themselves at inconvenient times. When a delicate situation like this happens, there is also a public relations side that must be addressed. Whether you have ants in your office, or a family of mice sleeping in your warehouse, we have the skills to humanely remove these cute pests and place them in a safer environment. We also help to ensure that they will no longer gain access to your retail or industrial space.

Giving you the high-end luxury service you need

When you build an image around your business, you want everything attached to it to fall into place. While you may not think about your pest management services as an extension of your business, we make sure that you never question it. We do this by clearly labeling our service vehicles, giving each employee a company uniform and performing each task with integrity. We also train our employees to give the best customer service suitable for professional environments. This way, when our employees are on the job during your business hours, each customer and employee feels at ease with their presence.

Give us a call today for your business pest management needs

Now that you have a better idea of what we can do for your business, your next step is to get in touch with us for a plan for pest management success. In addition to emergency services, we also have maintenance plans that will keep your pest management issues under wraps. We offer commercial businesses with multiple retail locations a bundle discount, and we have other ways to save you money. We are happy to answer all of your questions, and your solutions begin with giving us a call at (702) 879-4007.