Pest Control to Fortify Your Property!

Relocate pesky birds with humane pigeon control. Las Vegas pest problems typically involve rodents and insects, but the team at Fortified Pest Management also receives calls for pigeon removal on a regular basis. These birds can carry parasites and diseases, and their poop (up to 25 lbs. per bird per year!) can cause serious problems. In a home or business environment, these birds can become a nuisance as well as a health hazard. Our local team understands the pigeons that roost in the Las Vegas valley, and we’re available to help with humane and comprehensive removal services.

Pigeon Control Las Vegas to Protect Your Property

Pigeons represent certain health concerns on their own, but they also open the door for other animal problems. Birds of prey, raccoons, and other animals often prey on pigeons and can present an entirely new set of problems for property owners who live and work near pigeon roosts.

At Fortified Pest Management, we follow well-known industry guidelines known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Our technicians will never throw a solution at a pest problem and hope it works. Instead, we consider the pest’s lifecycle, environmental concerns, and our customers’ needs to create a holistic solution for initial eradication and future prevention. When you need pigeon control in Las Vegas, count on our team to find the right ways to remove and relocate pigeons to safer areas.

Preventing Access for Better Pigeon Control Las Vegas

Pigeons are typically drawn to areas resembling cliffs, which are their natural roosting spaces. In Las Vegas, the distinctive birds move into areas that most closely resemble a cliff environment, such as roof eaves, porch structures, and ledges. Property owners interested in preventing pigeons from roosting in the first place can take certain precautionary steps. Consider installing mesh, netting, or wires to make an environment seem uninviting, and build new structures at angles that wouldn’t easily accommodate a bird.

After our team removes pigeons from prime roosting areas, we can help you choose preventative steps that make the most sense for your property. These measures for pigeon control in Las Vegas may reduce the risk of a pigeon problem later.

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If pigeons are becoming a problem on your property, remember Fortified Pest Management. Pest control doesn’t always mean exterminating animals. In fact, we only take control measures that are absolutely necessary for a satisfactory outcome. Often, that means animals such as pigeons can move to a new home. For pigeon control, Las Vegas residents can call (702) 879-4007.