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Our humane pigeon control services are among the highest reviewed in our city. Here in Las Vegas, pigeons cause problems by typically attracting rodents and insects that like to feed on their dead carcasses.

Commercial roof with pigeon netting protection

Bird netting installation for a commercial client.

That said, our team has the thorough industry experience needed that allows for a complete service that covers it all. These birds can carry parasites and diseases that can be very dangerous when contracted. Not to mention their feces (up to 25 pounds of poop per bird yearly!) can cause serious problems and property damage.

In a home or business environment, birds can become a nuisance and a health hazard for people in the vicinity. Our local crew understands the pigeons that roost in the Greater Las Vegas area, and we’re available to help with humane and comprehensive removal services. For further professional assistance, give us a call at (702) 879-4007.


Pigeon Removal & Preventative Services to Protect Your Property

A pigeon sitting in a corner nest in a house

Pigeons represent certain health concerns on their own, but they also open the door for other animals to come in and add to the hellacious situation. Other birds that are predators, raccoons, and other animals often prey on pigeons; these creatures can present an entirely new set of problems for property owners who live or work near pigeon roosts.



Some of the bird control services we offer include:

  • Pigeon removal & cleanup
  • Pigeon spike installation
  • Pigeon solar panel exclusion screening
  • Bird guards & screen installation
  • Humane bird trapping
  • Bird netting (sizing & installation)
  • Pigeon repellants
  • Pigeon deterrents

Preventing Access to Pigeons on Your Property

Pigeons are typically drawn to areas that look like cliffs, which are their natural roosting spaces. In residential areas, they generally congregate on structures that closely resemble a cliff-type environment, such as roof eaves, porches, high railings, and ledges. Property owners interested in the avoidance of pigeons from roosting in the first place can take certain precautionary steps. Consider installing mesh, netting, or wires to make Cleaning up pigeon poop on the roof of a homeyour environment seem uninviting; and build new structures at angles that wouldn’t easily accommodate a bird.

We suggest these techniques because our team uses and maintains them on a frequent basis. Once we remove pigeons from prime roosting areas, we can help you choose preventative steps that make the most sense for your property. These measures for pigeon control in Las Vegas may reduce the risk of a bigger problem later, especially in our hot Mojave Desert heat.


The Fortified Approach to Removing Pigeons

At Fortified Pest Control, we follow top industry-standard guidelines known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Our technicians will never throw a cookie-cutter solution at a pest problem and hope it works with brute force.

Pigeons nest with 2 eggs in it

A nest we removed from a customer’s home with humane methods.

For bird control, this means we understand their lifecycles and environmental factors that attract, repel, and prevent them from coming back. With our knowledge in IPM, we have a variety of tools and ways to safely remove pigeons; including the proper cleanup of remnants and methods that will fortify your home for good.


We fully understand our customers’ needs to have a holistic solution that covers every angle of the infestation. That’s why each of our technicians areDead pigeon remains and poop scattered on a roof in Las Vegas trained and experienced in every related category of pests in our Metro area. Our pigeon service will entail a custom combination of everything you need in one package. In other words, we’ll get rid of the rats nesting in or near your home due to their attraction to these birds, and we’ll ensure they don’t come back. If you have other issues or concerns with different pests, we’ll inspect the area, and make sure you’re totally protected.

For expert pigeon removal and preventive measures, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (702) 879-4007.


Get Professional Help for Your Issue Today

Photo of a dirty roof covered in bird fecesIf pigeons are becoming a problem on your property, remember Fortified Pest Management. Pest control doesn’t always mean exterminating insects & animals. In fact, we only take control measures that are absolutely necessary for a satisfactory outcome. Often times, that means animals like domestic birds can relocate to a new home far away from our customers. To get professional pigeon help, call us at (702) 879-4007.