Las Vegas #1 Pest Protection Team

Fortified Pest management is the only place to go for rodent control. Las Vegas is home to several different species of rodents, including deer mice, house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. Rodents are particularly difficult pests because they carry diseases, tear up property, and attract other dangerous animals, such as snakes and birds of prey. Our family owned company is dedicated to providing superior customer service, environmentally friendly solutions, and straightforward pricing to any locals searching for high quality pest management.

Rat Extermination for Safety and Health Concerns

In Nevada, some species of rats can grow up to 1.5 feet long and cause serious problems. In general, rodent droppings and urine as well as their bites can make humans sick. An occasional winter house mouse may not present much of a problem, but an infestation can cause serious health issues. To reduce the need for rat control in Las Vegas, locals can:

  • Seal potential entryways. Close windows and doors at night, and seal cracks and gaps.
  • Eliminate food and water sources. Rats and rodents will eat pet food, human food, and bird seed and drink any available water outside or in the home.

If you notice scurrying sounds in the attic or walls, spot rodent droppings, or see a rat or mouse run through your home, reach out for a professional opinion. Take immediate action to prevent a potential localized health crisis.

Emergency Rodent Removal

While many of our customers rely on us for routine pest prevention practices, we also handle emergency situations that require immediate attention. Our office is open for same day services Monday through Saturday, but we can also schedule emergency work after hours or on Sundays if necessary. Dealing with a rodent crisis can be unnerving, and we’ll do everything we can to handle the situation quickly and effectively.

Rodent control in Las Vegas rarely calls for a one-size-fits-all solution. Our trained technicians will fully evaluate your property and recommend a customized solution based on your needs, environmental considerations, and the habits of particular rodent species.

Rat Control in Las Vegas When You Need It Most

Don’t wait until you have a rodent crisis to find the right pest control company. Keep our number in your phone so you know exactly who to call if you discover evidence of a rodent, insect, or unwanted animal infestation. At Fortified Pest Management, we put your needs first for rat control. Las Vegas locals can call (702) 879-4007 to learn more.