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Do you need bedbugs or other unwelcome visitors in your home removed by professionals that understand your unique needs? When you need reliable solutions for your pest control needs in Las Vegas, Fortified Pest Management is here to help. We customize each of our orders to address the distinctive concerns of each home. This can mean preventing rodents or removing pests specific to the Las Vegas area such as scorpions, red fire ants and German cockroaches. It also means getting rid of the spiders living in your garage or the mice that like to nap in your child’s playhouse. In addition, we work to make sure that you have a clear understanding of our prices and plan of operation.

Humane treatment of pests to benefit you and your family

Although some pests may be unwelcome, it does not mean that they need to be put down or injured. If you have four-legged wildlife houseguests that need to find new lodgings, we will make sure that this pesky animal is removed with a humane touch. In special circumstances, an animal may need to be remedied by local wildlife professionals, but most just need to be captured and relocated to an appropriate part of the outdoors. No matter how complicated the situation, we have the professional experience necessary to help your family avoid injury and distress.

We listen to your concerns about chemicals in the home

Homes with small children, individuals with disabilities or elderly residents may have special requests concerning pest prevention. In these situations, we understand that certain chemicals may not be the best solution for your home. We listen carefully and take special consideration to work with you and your family to meet your needs. This can mean avoiding certain types of applications and ordering pest management programs that will keep your family free of pests, safe and worry-free.

Our staff is focused on your security and property appearance

Inviting strangers into your home while you are not there is certainly a measure of trust that we do not take lightly. We work hard to gain your confidence by hiring the best in the business and doing background checks on our employees. We also take the time to ensure you do not feel like strangers have approached your home by sending out each employee in a clearly labeled vehicle and a company uniform with our logo. After we have serviced your home, you will not find dirt and yard debris tracked into your home or any other types of unexpected surprises.

Give us a call for professional and reliable pest control

Now that you understand our services, you can start solving your pest control problems by giving us a call. We work with each homeowner to take care of emergencies, but we also have effective long-term maintenance plans for infestation prevention. With one call, we can give you an estimate and have a member of our staff to see you right away. To get the process started in Las Vegas, Henderson or all of the Vegas valley, give Fortified Pest Management a call at (702) 879-4007.