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Fortified offers state of the art Las Vegas pigeon control and extermination services. We understand the pigeons indigenous to the area and their proper remedy.


Are pigeons becoming a problem near your home? When you are trying to create a sanitary environment, pigeons roosting in or near your home can be a real issue. Instead of trying to capture the birds yourself, removing them safely with the help of pest control professionals is the best solution. We can help you remove their nests, and relocate them into a more pleasant environment – far from your home. To get a better idea about your existing pigeon problem, we have outlined this situation from a professional viewpoint below.

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Pigeons are easily identifiable to most Americans, and they carry the scientific name Columba livia. They are available in a wide range of colors including white, yellow, blue, green, red and purple. They almost always have two dark bands on their wings and one horizontal stripe on the tail. They have a distinct song compared to other birds that is known as a coo. The song they sing is used to attract a mate or another pigeon friend. When they walk or start to take flight, their heads bob back and forth. They will fly for a short distance, but they do not fly long distances like other scavenger birds.

While they are found throughout the day, they avoid looking for food at night. When the sun goes down, they will pack together in large flocks to nest. Foods they enjoy are seeds and nuts, but they will eat anything that is available including garbage. A nuisance in cities, they will inhabit anything that reminds them of a cliff. This includes barns, skyscrapers and other tower structures. Unlike other bird species, they will pair up for life and only mate with their partner. After the male builds the nest, both parents will incubate the eggs. The two to five eggs that are laid will hatch after two and a half weeks.

While they are fairly harmless, their feces are caustic to many humans and they can cause property damage. They can also be extremely harmful in areas where there are airplanes or fast moving transportation such as trains. Their nests may also be problematic if they are built in vents. Finally, they can attract predators that will use them or their eggs as a food source. Good examples of pigeon predators are owls, sparrow hawks, eagles, raccoons or possums.

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When you are ready to take care of your home’s pigeon problem, Fortified Pest Management is here to help. We have a long list of techniques that are appropriate for capturing live pigeons and disposing of dead ones. We can help you to find solutions that allow you to capture the birds and relocate them to a more appropriate area. When dealing with pigeons, our company limits the uses of pesticides because this older technique can harm other animals. Along with knowing how to professionally capture pests like pigeons, our contractors are bonded, licensed and insured. To get an estimate on your current pigeon problem, call us today.