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Get rid of creepy crawlies with superior spider control. Las Vegas based company, Fortified Pest Management, specializes in spider control and extermination so you feel safe in your home or commercial location. In Nevada, we routinely handle spider types including black widows, desert brown spiders, jumping spiders, sun spiders, wolf spiders, and common cobweb spiders. Schedule an appointment today to keep cobwebs and the spiders that live there out of your space with environmentally friendly pest control services.

Dangerous Spider Control Las Vegas

Spiders often make their homes in areas where humans spend time. While many spiders are non-venomous, some spiders, such as the black widow and desert brown spider, can cause serious adverse health outcomes. The black widow spider is highly venomous, with venom that is stronger than that of some rattlesnakes. Desert brown spider (aka brown recluse) venom will cause a victim’s flesh to die and rot.

Even non-venomous spiders can bite and cause red welts and pain in victims. More disturbing, however, is the reproduction cycle of many spiders. When you see egg sacs hanging in a web or in the corner of a porch or room, each one may contain hundreds of baby spider eggs. When they hatch, the new spiders will continue to set up shop around your home or office. If you aren’t sure about the types of spiders in your space, consider calling us for a custom evaluation as part of our services for spider control in Las Vegas.

Spider Control Las Vegas Without Harsh Chemicals

Whether your property has an infestation of dangerous or innocuous spiders, we’re ready to help you with spider control in Las Vegas. Our team of professional and friendly technicians use environmentally friendly techniques to remove spiders without disrupting the existing ecosystem or creating new threats to your family’s health and safety. We create a customized approach to every pest control situation to give our customers peace of mind and the best possible value.

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If you’re struggling with spiders or evidence of spiders in your home or office, let us help. We’ll come out to your space on your schedule and provide you all of the information you need to make an informed pest control decision. While spiders will always co-exist in the local ecosystem, they don’t belong in areas where humans live and work. For more information about spider control, Las Vegas residents can reach out to us at (702) 879-4007.