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Termite colony eating wood

Termite Colony


Termites in Las Vegas are always annoying to have pestering around. Especially here in the mojave desert where the wood is dry and gets destroyed fairly fast from termites. These are some of the most annoying pests in Las Vegas, particularly for homeowners. It’s never a good thing when you get an inspection on your home, and termites are feasting on it causing structural damage. Below you’ll find useful information on termites you may encounter locally in southern Nevada; call us if you need a termite inspection or termite pest control help: (702) 879-4007.

Types of Termites Found in Las Vegas, NV

Termites are notorious to people all over the world due to the costly damage they inflict on structures. The termites local to Las Vegas, Nevada are no different. Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, and Dampwood termites, are all likely to be found here locally.

Are Formosan termites local to Las Vegas?

No. Formosan termites are not documented in Las Vegas, NV.

Flying Termites (Swarmers)

Termites, no matter their species, are active all year long. They devour wood and carve galleries or tunnels into wooden materials. Termites appear to be more active between the tail end of spring and towards mid-late summer. This is when the winged termites (swarmers), or future queens and kings, leave to make new termite colonies. Swarmers are equipped with wings as they explore favorable grounds. Once they find a suitable place to call home, they shed their wings, and a new colony will begin to form. Workers and soldiers are included in termite castes but do not have wings. Depending on their species, they will vary in color and appearance, but typically you will need a microscope to tell the difference between different winged termites.

Signs You Have Termites in Your Home

Evidence of a termite infestation include:

  • Mud-like tubing stretching up from the ground, usually along a wall. This is a sure sign of subterranean termites.
  • The exterior of wood looks thin and brittle. This is due to termites consuming and excavating within the wood’s interior.
  • You see winged insects that resemble flying ants.
  • Piles of wings lying around. These wings are shed by swarmers that have begun a new colony.
  • Buckling paint and tiny holes in walls around your house.

Finding Termites in a House in Las Vegas

Following is a list of common places to search if you suspect termites in your house, but Fortified Pest wishes to offer a warning first. It is imperative that you don’t disturb the termites; they will likely move to a more secluded area and be even more challenging to exterminate!

How to find termites in your house:

  1. Visually inspect wooden materials in crawl spaces along with sills, sub floors, joists, support posts, supporting piers, and wood under porches.
  2. Look for termites eating along your homes’ foundation where concrete meets wood construction. This could include porches, steps, or slabs.
  3. Search for cracks in cement, particularly around brick materials and expansion joints, as well as hollow blocks.
  4. Take a look at all scrap wood outside your house, including tree stumps and older wooden fences.

Termite Inspections & Control

Fortified Pest Management offers comprehensive termite inspection and termite control services to commercial businesses and residential homes in the Las Vegas Valley. We are fully licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise and services at affordable prices. At Fortified Pest Management, we are dedicated to safety. We strive to provide an unbeatable service to our customers by utilizing high-end products and equipment available only to licensed professionals. We aim to execute superior results as well as apply friendly customer service, high moral standards, and exceptional work ethics. Our technicians have advanced and ongoing training, field experience, and remarkable skills that more than qualify them to perform the services we offer.

If you suspect termites in Las Vegas  home or have heard rumors that neighboring residences or businesses have had a termite infestation, contact Fortified Pest Management to perform a thorough termite inspection service. Our experienced pest control specialists will thoroughly inspect your property to look for signs of termites. Then, we’ll be able to offer a custom recommendation for efficient extermination with our termite removal service. Inquire about Fortified Pest Control services today to get started: (702) 879-4007. Check out our Google reviews here.